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Edmonton Debt Consolidation Services

Find Relief with Debt Consolidation in Edmonton

By itself, large amounts of debt already feel overwhelming and stressful. But odds are you didn't accumulate it all in one place. You probably have credit card debts, mortgages, and a handful of other loans all weighing on your finances. Combined with various interest rates and minimum payments, juggling all that debt is a daunting task.

However, we have a clear solution for your unsecured debts with the Moses Advisory Group Inc. in Edmonton. Debt consolidation combines all of your debts into a single solution. With debt consolidation, you eliminate the clutter of credit and get a chance to focus on a single payment. You not only end up in a better financial situation, you gain some relief.

How It Works

Moses Advisory Group Inc. will help you with a single solution that allows you to pay off all of your unsecured debt. You gain many advantages from a debt consolidation in Edmonton, including:

  • Fewer creditors. Instead of having multiple creditors to report to, now you only have a single payment on those debts.

  • Interest rates. Consolidating allows you to deal with the high interest rates of credit card debt

  • Smaller monthly payments. This solution will reduce your overall debt payment. This relieves financial pressure on you. If you’d prefer a shorter payment period, you can always pay more than the minimum.

Debt consolidation in Edmonton could be the perfect solution for you and your family. By working with our team, you can safeguard your assets and help tackle your debt all at once. Contact our office today to learn how Edmonton debt consolidation can remove financial burdens from your life.

How Do I Get One?

Debt consolidation loans in Edmonton are offered by financial institutions. To inquire about your eligibility, you will need to provide a list of your debts and how you plan to pay amounts monthly under the proposed consolidation loan. Usually a letter from your employer stating your remuneration and how long you have worked there is required. Your last three tax notice of assessments may be helpful if you are self-employed or don’t have a steady income stream (e.g., your employment is seasonal). Your credit history and credit score will be also checked in order to assess your default risk.

To get approved for the loan, your likelihood is higher if you have a reasonable amount of monthly expenses in proportion to your monthly income, a regular income, a steady place of employment (or have worked in the same field), a stable residence, and if your credit rating is acceptable. Seeking to obtain the loan where you already have an account is beneficial because you will have a client history there. Additionally, the ability to offer security or a co-signer will improve your chances if the financial institution expresses reluctance about the loan.

Can I Try Other Edmonton Debt Solutions at the Same Time?

If you decide to go ahead with a debt consolidation loan, you can still seek other debt solutions. You can use debt consolidation with other debt relief tools such as credit counselling and a consumer proposal. You will need to be upfront with your licensed insolvency trustee and the bank about all of your debts if you will include some debts in the consumer proposal and others in your debt consolidation loan.

How Moses Advisory Group Inc. Helps

You can start a new financial chapter in your life with debt consolidation. Let us help you get started with expert advice and knowledge. We will help you craft a financial plan that helps manage your debt and establish your financial independence. Contact us at Moses Advisory Group Inc. at 780-473-6333 for your free consultation.

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