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Our Team of Credit Counselling Professionals At Your Service

When it comes to debt resolution, our team based in Edmonton has the knowledge and abilities to assist you with overwhelming debt struggles by providing solutions that count. Our key personnel include:

Kathleen Jacob


Kathleen Jacob – Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Kathleen has 10+ years of insolvency experience. She works with individuals and company owners to review options and implement strategies for dealing with debt and cash flow concerns.

She is aptly qualified to assist those requiring help in getting their finances under control. Everything from a senior having difficulty paying off credit card debt on fixed pension income to a company having difficulty staying current with their debt financing obligations because of operational difficulties caused by an economic turn down or management difficulties.

In addition to holding a university degree, Kathy has received certifications enroute to becoming a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. She is certified to assist in the assessment of individuals and companies to understand their situation, as well as holding a BIA-accredited counselling's certificate to help individuals moving forward after an insolvency experience.


The services that she provides are regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy who is responsible for the administration of the Canadian Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA).

James Moses

James Moses, P.Eng –  Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Jim has been involved in the senior management of multinational branch operations for the past 30+ years. This management experience was gained by successfully operating US owned branch operations in Canada and Europe (Luxembourg) as the senior operating officer overseeing sales, marketing, facility / plant and operational staff.

This experience combined with his LIT licensing has afforded James an international perspective and unique ability to be able to analyse and assist other company owners in dealing with management concerns regarding debt restructuring and stabilizing negative cash flows.

Having said that, Jim is totally in tune with the independent professional or senior manager who has had an unfortunate set of circumstances put them in a position where they have to look at scaling back and hitting the "restart" button. His professional engineering education and P. Eng. certification assist him in looking at situations in a logical and structured manner and offering doable real-world solutions.


Jim works with an incredible staff of dedicated individuals committed to providing premium insolvency services to all of its clients dealing with debt issues. Whether they are availing themselves of credit counselling, offering a proposal to their creditors or working through a voluntary insolvency, we deal with all of our clients in a professional and efficient manner. We do all of this while respecting the needs of the various stakeholders in an insolvency situation (creditors, courts, OSB regulator, debtor, public).

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