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Consumer Proposals, Insolvency & More in Edmonton

Understand Your Options for Debt Resolution

Servicing debt takes a sizeable chunk out of every paycheck, making you feel helpless. When your debt feels overwhelming, you do have a way out. Our credit counselling team at Moses Advisory Group Inc. can review your options and work to resolve your debt problems.

We are licensed by the federal government to offer debt solutions, credit counselling, debt pooling, consolidation proposals and file assignments in insolvency, if necessary. From our Edmonton office, we serve individuals and businesses throughout Alberta, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories.

Your Way Out of Debt

Many factors can contribute to a person having overwhelming debt. Changes in employment, retirement, health, relationships, business difficulties, etc. all lead to unanticipated financial problems. Regardless of the cause of your financial difficulties, we can offer solutions to resolve the problem and allow you to start managing it.

We understand that every debt situation is unique, so we don't offer one-size-fits all solutions. You'll speak with a member of our caring professional staff about your specific situation. Then we'll help you understand your options and help you find your preferred debt-relief solution.

Proposals to Creditors

After a while, creditors are prepared to accept an amount lesser than the amount owed, provided you make that one-time payment. When friends, families, sale of assets, refinancing your home, etc. can’t raise the money needed, the option is not dead. A government-developed consumer proposal that is accepted by the creditors and approved by the Courts (legal process) will again offer you an opportunity to make payments on your debts. The advantages are: all of your debts are consolidated, you have one payment, and interest and penalties are suspended. Most people we see consider this option where they are able to cover their living costs and have funds available to still service a portion of their debt.

Handling Insolvency in Edmonton

Our trained and certified team at Moses Advisory Group offers support and counsel through every step of the insolvency process.

Start Today

If there’s debt weighing heavily on your mind, contact us today. Call 866‑507‑6248 for help with insolvency in Edmonton, throughout Alberta, or in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

1. Our Expertise

  • Individuals Overwhelmed with Debt
  • Debtors with Limited Pension / Disability Income
  • Separated Partners Unable to Deal with Joint Debt
  • Self-employed Debtors with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Debt
  • Unemployment Debtors Because of Job Loss or Health Issues
  • Second Time Insolvency
  • Discharged bankrupts wanting to finalize their insolvency

2. Service Area

  • All Alberta metro and rural areas
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut

3. We offer government regulated solutions based on:

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Fed)
  • Civil Enforcement Act (AB)
  • Federal and Provincial Legislation
  • Personal Property Security Act (AB)
  • Matrimonial Property Act (AB)
  • Income Tax Act

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