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Inform yourself as to the advantages of debt consolidation.

Finding Solutions That Work For YOU.


Consumer Proposals, Insolvency & More in Edmonton

Find Professional Debt Relief Advice with a Free Debt Counselling Review in Edmonton

If you have accumulated an unhealthy amount of debt, you might feel confused by how to move forward. You might look at the daunting figures and wonder how you will ever pay back all of that money. Luckily, you can find a way to get a handle on your credit with debt counselling in Edmonton.

At the Moses Advisory Group, you can find professionals who will help you plot your way out of debt. We will help you set goals and take advantage of proven debt reduction techniques. With our assistance, you will soon be on the path towards financial independence. You can start taking steps towards a debt-free life by choosing debt counselling in Edmonton.

Step #1: Meet with Our Caring Professionals

As soon as you feel overwhelmed by your debt and struggle to meet payments, you should come to us for a free licensed insolvency trustee review in Edmonton. When you first visit us, we will go over your financial situation. We will then assess your needs and priorities to see what strategies might work best for you.

Step #2: Debt Restructuring

With our help, you will have a plan to tackle all of your debt. We will assist you as you plan out your income to cover your debts. As we work together, you can restructure your debt to pay it back with ease. We offer a variety of resources to help you resolve your debt, such as debt consolidation and payment plans.

Step #3: Building Credit

On the road to financial success, managing debt just counts as the first step. You should secure your financial future with a strategy to build good credit and manage debt in the future. We can help you set up a plan and learn to boost your credit score. Use our licensed insolvency trustee resources to propel yourself towards a better financial future.

Call 780-473-6333 to start managing your debt today.

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If there’s debt weighing heavily on your mind, contact us today. Call 866‑507‑6248 for help with insolvency in Edmonton, throughout Alberta, or in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

1. Our Expertise

  • Individuals Overwhelmed with Debt
  • Debtors with Limited Pension / Disability Income
  • Separated Partners Unable to Deal with Joint Debt
  • Self-employed Debtors with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Debt
  • Unemployment Debtors Because of Job Loss or Health Issues
  • Second Time Insolvency
  • Discharged bankrupts wanting to finalize their insolvency

2. Service Area

  • All Alberta metro and rural areas
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut

3. We offer government regulated solutions based on:

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Fed)
  • Civil Enforcement Act (AB)
  • Federal and Provincial Legislation
  • Personal Property Security Act (AB)
  • Matrimonial Property Act (AB)
  • Income Tax Act

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9913 108th Ave NW, Suite 200,

Edmonton, AB, T5H 1A5



Main: 1-888-488-8333

Fax: 780-478-2633


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